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Walking and Hiking

Through History and Nature

With a private guide, explore the part and place of winter in the history of Quebec.
Enjoy a walk, a hike or a guided excursion to discover the critical role that nature, geography and climate played in shaping Quebec's history.  Our tours guarantee an action-packed itinerary combined with a new experience of history.
Take a look at our guided tours and excursions and get in touch with us to plan your personalized visit.

Quebec City's History in Urban Nature
All our regular summer Tours and excursions are also offered in winter.

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 Winter Tours

Home: Winter

Discover Old Quebec City with a Guided Tour of the UNESCO Heritage district while learning about the impact of winter in the history of French Canada.  Find out about the best winter activities and foodies to embrace winter!

From the heights of Cape Diamond, at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and St. Charles rivers, Quebec City occupies an important geographic/strategic position: the best place to learn about the role of nature in the history of the first permanent French settlement in North America, now a UNESCO World Heritage district.

With our guided Tour, nature enthusiasts will enjoy discovering how winter, geography and climate, impacted on the history of North America and especially on Québec..

Experience winter activities in historic places. Enjoy  discovering our  history with a guided Tour in Quebec’s first urban park.

Located just outside the boundaries of the Walled City, the former Abraham Martin's field is now part of the first National Historic Park of Canada, with 242 acres made of gardens and natural forest. In addition to learning about winter, snow and sub-arctic climate, the Tour explore historical events that took place in what people considered the countryside of the XVII century, now better known as the Plains of Abraham


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Quebec City, QC, Canada

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