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Québec City's History 
Explore Québec' City history with our private tours and excursions.

Visit Québec City UNESCO Heritage.
Our Private Walking Tours are designed for history buff, nature enthusiasts, scholar on the road type of visitors, eager to learn and experience more than traditional type of history Tours when discovering a new place.   

Chateau Frontenac on Cap Diamant
Private Walking Tour Plains Abraham

Private Walking Tour Québec City
Old Québec -UNESCO Heritage

Duration: 2.5h

From the heights of Cape Diamond, at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and St. Charles Rivers, Old Québec City occupies an important geographic/strategic position: the best place to learn about the role of nature in the history of the first permanent French settlement in North America, now a UNESCO World Heritage district.

With this guided Tour, nature enthusiasts and history buffs will enjoy discovering how nature, geography and climate impacted on the history of Québec and North America, while revealing the less known stories about major historical events.

Explore History in Urban Nature
Private Walking Tour - Plains of Abraham

Duration: 3h

Enjoy nature and history with a Private Guided Tour of Québec’s first urban park.  Located just outside the boundaries of the walled city, the former Abraham Martin's field is now part of the first National Historic Park of Canada, with 242 acres made of gardens and natural forest.


In addition to learning about historical events, the Tour explore indigenous plants and trees found in the countryside of the XVII century, now better known as the Plains of Abraham.

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St.Charles River Park, Nuovo St.Roch
- Enjoy walking or biking through the history of  urban and natural ecosystem revitalization -
Duration: 3 h

    For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts 

You will enjoy getting away from the city with your private guide. Our excursions provide immersion into historical landscape and nature. We walk, ride, hike and drive to reach the Laurentian Mountains, explore the St. Lawrence Riverbank or stroll across picturesque heritage villages. 

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