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Urban forest titre

History in Urban Nature - Parks and Gardens

$85. CAD per pax/2 up to 6 

Duration: 3h

Discover a part of history rarely explored!

In addition to finding out about many historical events related to the first urban garden of Quebec City, the Tour is an invitation to walk in the footprints of the first herbalists and learn about the traditional use of plants and trees for health issues before and during the French colony. 


This Tour offers the opportunity to explore history while experiencing the benefits of a 'forest bath' and time spend in natural forest, gardens and flower beds and find out about the role of nature in our history and today's life!

With a historical overview of the park in relation to the city transformation,  the Tour illustrates how climate, weather and geography influenced the course of history.

The Tour takes place in the  Plains of Abraham or Battlefield Park. Located just outside the boundaries of the Walled City, the former Abraham Martin's field is now part of the first national Historic Park of Canada  with 242 acres made of gardens and natural forest.

This Tour is for active visitors, history buffs and nature enthusiasts who expect more than traditional walking tours when visiting a new destination:

  • The walk is about 3km (1.8 miles) and can be extended to include the Parc-des-Braves or the Parliament Hill Gardens (up to 4km-2.4 miles)

  • The Tour ends on the Grande Allée, the Quebec City’s Champs Elysées, a good place to zip a drink and watch who’s in town as we sit at a terrace bistro.

  • Point of departure will be provided upon booking

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