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Autumn Colours in Quebec

Countryside Excursions

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Countryside excursions: Image

Join us for a hike-drive away from the city.

We offer additional opportunities to explore nature and history to maximize your visit.
Choose one of our popular options or share your wishes with us:

We are ready to make it happen.

Orleans Island Farms House

Orleans Island and Montmorency Falls

From $480.CAD

Located a stone's throw away from Québec City, Orleans Island is the largest district under the protection of Cultural Property Act and the first agricultural settlement of Nouvelle France.

The excursion allows for an immersion in the history of the first settlers with a combination of driving, short walk and tastings.
As we visit beautiful villages, renowned for their typical neoclassic architecture,  you will feel a closer connection with the St. Lawrence River and the agricultural vocation of the island.


Mountains, Forest and Rivers

From $480.CAD

If you enjoy getting away from the city for a closer contact with nature, a bit of fresh air and some exercise,  these excursions are for you.
A 45 minutes drive will take you in the Laurentian Mountains, for a hike along a river traditionally used by the First Nation and filled with geologic, environmental and socioeconomic history of Québec.
We can also take you along the St.Lawrence River, to the site of one of the first farm now a natural reserve, where you can hike and observe migrating birds in the season.

Each options requires about 5 hours, including transportation.

Cap Tourment trail

      More Getaways

For more excursions ideas and plans,  we have several off the beaten path options, with beautiful landscape and history. Places nearby known only by the locals, would be revealed for your one day outing or for multi-days travel plan. 
A knowledgeable licensed guide, passionate about nature and history will feed your curiosity on the past and present history associated with nature, climate and geography. Mountains, villages and extraordinary vistas are just around the corner, sometime less than one hour drive from the city!

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