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Excellent City Tour

Judith was a fantastic tour guide. She tailored the tour to our needs and answered all of our many questions. She was very well versed in the city’s history as well as Canada’s history in

general. All in all a very enjoyable and educational tour. Highly recommend!

What they say about us

V8732T.. June 21 1,2024

Outstanding Walking Tour

This was a truly outstanding walking tour, especially if you're intellectually curious and want to avoid the large group format. Judith is a pleasure - she herself clearly enjoys the subject of Quebec City's history, which she can seamlessly discuss from any number of angles. The tour is relatively free-form, as Judith adjusts the conversation to whichever aspects of the city you seem to be interested in (she even brings maps and charts, which actually made it even more fun). You come away with a real sense of this fascinating city, from someone who is proud of her roots here. Highly recommended.

Murray, June 1,2024

Our Best Day in Quebec City!!

Judith was an absolutely fabulous tour guide. She is a scholar, a professor, and a lawyer rolled into one. With her blending of history and culture with geography and climate she entertained us while she educated us. You can tell she loves this business!! She even met us in front of the house where we were staying. Ask for her by name and you will really get your money’s worth. She went for 2 1/2 hours and would have gone longer but we had a tour of the Fairmont Hotel we had to attend. Merci, Judith!

Glenn B, May 27, 2024

Judith is the tour guide to get!

We took a walking tour through old Quebec. Our guide, Judith, was outstanding! She briefed us on what we were about to see before starting out. Her knowledge is encyclopedic without being too specific. She was very friendly and engaged in conversation throughout our tour. Ask for Judith for your tour in Quebec and prepare to be amazed!

Carla J, May 20,2024

I would like to mention that our tour guide, Judith, was amazing!!! She was funny, knowledgeable and just great to be around.  She made our trip an amazing experience.  We missed her during the rest of our trip.  We hope to see her one day! Thanks!

Culture1,May 5,2024

A Worthwhile Experience in the Old Town

Judith’s extensive knowledge of Quebec City and lively mind make this a uniquely engaging tour. If you enjoy having the opportunity to ask (and answer!) questions, this is the tour for
you. Judith is an educator at heart, and her personal history with the city adds another lens for visitors to see the city through. My husband and and I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Melissa, April 22,2024

A wonderful tour with Judith.

Judith was a wonderful guide. Her depth of knowledge and obvious love of the city of Quebec, its culture and history, was wonderful. I would highly recommend Judith as a guide.  It was an extremely pleasant experience.

Jow W April13, 2024

Great tour with great tour guide!

Our tour and tour guide were wonderful! She met us at our hotel and spent time getting to know us and our interests, showed us a map of Quebec city, and planned our tour with us. We learned so much about the city and region, with a lot of great historical information. Our tour guide made certain to incorporate things she thought would interest us and made a special point of showing us the "Holy Door" which was especially meaningful and touching for us!

Susan L March 9, 2024

A wonderful walk in Old Quebec

Our guide brought Quebec to life. We learned so much about the history. Also got a muchbetter understanding of life in Quebec and why speaking French is so important to them.
Truly a wonderful experience.

JB_E Feb 14,2024

You must book this tour!
We were short on time and we're so happy that we made time for this tour on our first morning in Quebec City. Judith was an amazing tour guide with incredible knowledge of Old Town Quebec as a life long native. She took us to all of the major historical points along with points that overlooked the St. Lawrence and allowed us to fully appreciate the importance of the river and surrounding waterways to Quebec's existence and longevity. Judith is an intellectual who was able to assess our interests and quickly gear the tour discussions in a way that might be especially interesting or thought provoking to us. We enjoyed every minute and we're so surprised that our tour had run over by a considerable amount of time. Judith kept us so engaged that the time just flew as we learned so much! I highly suggest that you do the tour early in your stay as it helped us plan the remainder of our time and we also had a sense of where things were after the tour. Thank you Judith for a super interesting tour -- we learned so much! 

Douglas, Feb 10,2024

Learning the history of Quebec and Quebec City
Our private tour was a wonderful experience. Our tour guide taught us all about the history
of Quebec and as Americans we did not know. We walked all through the city and our
guide was so interesting. Highly recommend!

Heather, Dec 20, 2023

Judith is an Amazing Wealth of Knowledge - Must Do
Judith was absolutely fantastic and a wealth of knowledge. My husband and I are both in the military and love history. She began with an overview using a number of maps and discussion points to help orient us and our conversation, which we both adored. She personalized it based on our military background spending a lot of time on those discussions appreciating our baseline knowledge of that side of the discussion, but new to the area. She has had a fascinating background and tied in military history, culture, religion, terrain, weather and world events as overlapping and intersecting dynamics driving this rich and unique area. Judith was a pleasure to spend the morning with, and we could have spent many more hours picking her brain! 

Kathy Dec 11,2023

Excellent City Tour

Judith was a fantastic tour guide. She tailored the tour to our needs and answered all of our many questions. She was very well versed in the city’s history as well as Canada’s history in

general. All in all a very enjoyable and educational tour. Highly recommend!

Doriank Dec2,2023

Private Walking Tour of Old Quebec City

Our guide, Judith, is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the City and how it was affected by world events of the various time periods. She is very personable and easy-going, and she took time to answer our questions. We highly recommend the private tour. Ask for Judith!!

Gerald Oct 14,2023

Private Walking Tour, Old Quebec City: Remarkable!

Our guide, Judith, met us with a smile at the designated location near where our ship docked, and proceeded to captivate us with the history of Quebec City, Quebec Provice, and the settling of Canada for the next 3.5 hours as she led us through the streets and stairs that comprise the Old City and lead to the new. This was the most delightful 3 hours-plus of our entire journey up to that point. Judith was remarkable with the depth of her knowledge about the city and its development, and how the broader development of North America was connected to the St. Lawrence River and seaway. Her skill at connecting the dots of world events was enhanced by personal knowledge from her own world travels, and personal efforts directed toward making the world better place to live, one humanitarian act at a time. This was a wonderful morning and truly exceptional experience. We strongly recommend this tour — and Judith as a tour guide — to others visiting Quebec City for the first time. Judith is a delightful guide who opened the doors for further exploration.

Teresa-N, Oct 8, 2023

Excellent Private Tour of Old Quebec

My husband and I decided on a private tour of Old Quebec based on the excellent reviews regarding our tour guide Judith. She has an easy rapport and was extremely knowledgeable of Quebec’s history and culture. Being a local, she shared stories of how Quebec has changed over time and pointing out interesting things that we otherwise would have missed. She spent extra time with us to ensure we saw everything of interest and provided good recommendations for shopping and local craft beers. We mentioned something that we were told on another tour in Montreal and she followed up the next day to confirm the story. It was a truly lovely day and we would happily take another tour with our guide Judith.

Nita A. Sept 5,2023

Delightful day in QC with Judith

We loved the depth of Judith’s knowledge and experience that she brought to our tour. She took an interest in our backgrounds and tried to tailor her talk to our interests and experiences. Highly recommend.

Tom34. Sept 3.2023


Our tour with Judith was an absolute delight. In truth, it often felt more like a stroll through the city with a very knowledgable, old friend — conversational and personalized, never a lecture or canned presentation. As a personal guided tour, my partner and I had every opportunity to ask questions and tailor the tour to our interests or curiosities. And Judith's orientation toward the natural world — geography, climate, etc. — gave very rich context to the historical events. We've been on many group historical tours in many cities but Judith has spoiled us — we're sold on the value of personal tours where ever we will go now.

B935EU. Sept 2.2023

Truly remarkable, best ever tour!

Judith was incredible! She combined history, geography, climate, political and social context with a fun and comprehensive walking tour of the old city. The scope of her knowledge and experience is one of a kind. Most highly recommend!!

Shannon, July 19,,2023

Our best tour guide to-date

Judith is a wealth of knowledge and makes the tour very personal. I wish all tour guides were as thorough and nice.

Becky_R,June 10,2023

Awesome tour!
Judith was an amazing guide! It was a wonderful look at both historical and modern day Quebec city.

We would recommend this tour to anyone!

Gladys, June 2,2023

A tour to remember
Judith was not only knowledgeable but a lot of fun. We leaned so much in such an enjoyable way. Highly recommended

 Verabiz, May19,2023, 

Fabulous experience!
Judith was a superb tour guide with extensive knowledge of history and all else relevant to Quebec and the region. She went above and beyond to ensure she adapted the information she shared to what my husband and I would find most interesting and most relevant. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is simply outstanding!

 tjel. April 27, 2023 


If you are looking for a tour that takes a bit more time to educate you on the history and culture of Old Quebec City - this is the one!
Our guide, Judith, was extremely knowledgable and her overview of the lower and upper city provided us with a comprehensive look into why and how the area was developed. Her love of Quebec is quite evident and the detail she provides throughout the walking tour is amazing.
Great value and well worth the time!

 Sheri March 14, 2023 

This is not your average tour!
We were delightfully surprised by the depth of Judith’s knowledge on our tour with her of Old Quebec. There was no set script that she followed. No practised delivery of a set storyline. She is a passionate, enthusiastic, walking library. She adapts each tour to suit her guests, tailoring the experience to accommodate the interests and knowledge base of her participants. And is she ever a wealth of knowledge!
Very artfully she asked a few key questions at the beginning to understand who we were and what we were about, and then we were off! When she found out that we had been to Quebec City before, had been raised in Ontario, and that one of us was a history grad… well! She was delighted!!
Her enthusiasm for her topics fuelled our curiosity and we learned so much from her.   She touched on many diverse topics… such as how the landscape had an impact on the development of French culture and the occupancy of the Québec walled city site.

She taught us the insights that language use and expression reveal about a culture.  She went into great depth in her attempt to deepen our understanding of events that far preceded the Quiet Revolution. She has tremendous insight into the impact of the Roman Catholic Church on the identity of the Québécois, and very interesting stories about the development of feminism in Québec, beginning with the first interactions of the French explorers with the indigenous peoples, continuing through the settlement period.
Throughout all you got a deep sense of her passion for French Canada, for the Québécois, and for her love of land and people, curiosity and knowledge.
If you are fortunate enough to book a tour with her, you will not be disappointed! The key thing to know is that aside from being passionate and engaging, Judith is infinitely adaptable. She could just as equally give a fascinating tour to a first timer to Canada and to Québec.

 Smetana  Jan 14, 2023 

Our Quebec City Walking Tour with Judith provided us with a wealth of information on the geography, history, culture, inhabitants then and now as well as a rich array of views, perspectives, on politics, cultural opportunities...integrating her life as a child growing up in Quebec City, her school and family experiences, to the ownership of her historical home. Judith kept a lively pace - which is what we wanted! - as well as lively and informative, and enriching tour of the city! We were over-the-top impressed!

Theresa, Jan 08,2023

Our guide, Judith, was an incredible guide. Her knowledge, language skills and interest in
her topic was extensive - we were very fortunate to have had a tour with her.

Midwest, Nov 02, 2022

Judith is an excellent tour guide and informed us of all the interesting history about Old Quebec and the influence of the St. Lawrence River on its prominent location. The walking pace was comfortable, and Judith was attentive to our needs. The tour for Americans like us gave insight into the associations between our respective countries and mother England during colonial times. Highly recommend, especially if you are new to the city and want an introduction to the sights and how to get around.

Janetad...Oct 2022

Judith led us on a very interesting tour of Quebec City. She sprinkled facts with fun stories about the people who built Quebec City. She is a very engaging guide. Highly recommend

Anna S,Sept22, 2022

Judith is incredibly knowledgeable and has so much history and context to share - she gave us a fascinating, personalized tour based on our interests, and was very generous with her time. We had fun and so enjoyed walking the city and seeing and hearing about its complex history in a truly tangible way. Highly recommend!

Paul C  Aug 27, 2022

Perfect tour of Quebec

The guide was Judith, who is very knowledgeable about the area, its history and culture. She was just wonderful. She started by asking about our interests and our abilities so she could cater the walk to our wishes. Judith took us all over and was able to talk about every subject we had an interest in. It was an un-rushed but thorough stroll, sneaking down streets, narrow and quiet, hitting all the high points while avoiding the crowds and the larger tours.
I've taken walking tours all over the world. This one was absolutely the best. Period.

kwsmvy Massachusetts Aug 2022

Judith was a wonderful guide. We enjoyed our morning with her, chatting away like old friends! She provided a very comprehensive history of Quebec City and how and why the entire province of Quebec is unique. I initially chose this tour based on her description of learning though history, nature, and geography and it did not disappoint! I feel my morning with her gave me a solid understanding of the city that I would not have gotten from a more conventional walking tour.

August 23, 2022

Book this if you can!
"My wife and I really enjoyed Judith's knowledgeable and passionate approach to the history of Quebec City. She had a great deal to say about social history and natural history, as well as the usual political history. She answered all our questions with charm and grace. A private tour like this is a true luxury. One would expect to pay much more for this level of energetic presentation."

Leslie_N, Aug 2022

Judith was was an excellent guide and provided a lot of interesting background and history about Quebec during her tour. I would highly recommend her services to anyone visiting Quebec City.

August 17,2022

Great tour- Judith was excellent

My husband and I enjoyed our time with Judith - she was incredibly knowledgeable but also down to earth (ie: not boring!). I appreciated her particular approach about how history, climate and natural resources all intersect. So glad we booked the tour.

Nancydonahue85 MA
August 13,2022

Excellent personal tour!

My husband and I had an excellent tour with Judith! She took the time to understand our interests and responded to all of questions. She was extremely knowledgeable and brought maps and other visuals to enhance the experience. She was not rushed and in fact took more than the scheduled time with our permission. Her tour exceeded our expectations!

CherylM August 11,2022

Great Tour!

We really enjoyed this tour. Judith was very personable, knowledgeable and insightful, providing thoughtful commentary and context throughout the tour. This is not like like other tours that barely scratch the surface of Quebec’s history. Would recommend wholeheartedly.

379Carl,July 18,2022

Very knowledgeable tour guide.

Extremely knowledgeable tour guide that can relate Quebecs history to European history and American history. She took her time to ask about our personal interests and she did a custom tour for us. It’s like having a college professor walk around Quebec with you. I’m a history buff and many doors were opened to new knowledge.

Rick Bradbury
July 18,2022


Very Informative

Great informative tour. Beautiful city. Wear good walking shoes for the cobble stone. Very steep inclined especially, but well worth it.

Sarah , June 2022

Our personal tour guide, Judith, showed us all around Quebec City and talked to us in depth about Its history. She was very personable and encouraged questions and comments. She also recommended various restaurants, museums and other places of interest around the city. We spent a very enjoyable 4+ hours discovering more of the history, culture and people of this lovely city.

Ardeche , June 2022

We can’t speak highly enough of our trip to Quebec – a real highlight was the tour we took of the Old City with Judith as our guide. A really interesting and lively tour with comprehensive local knowledge and history, presented with reference to pertinent international events. Highly recommended, as is the delicious afternoon tea at the Chateau Frontenac.

Avidtraveler , May 2022

This tour with Judith as the guide was memorable. 3 hours of pertinent information and lively sharing. Very knowledgeable guide. Excellent general culture allowing her to tie it all together in a very unique way, both accurate and creative. Her sense of humour had us in stitches quite often. Her love for Quebec is refreshing and catching. She successfully tailored the visit to the group. Highly recommended.

Jenn , Dec 2021

Great tour!! Judith was the perfect guide. Her personality totally complimented ours. We loved her extensive knowledge about history, her energy and her enthusiasm about QC. Highly recommend! 

Laurie C August 2021

Judith is an amazing tour guide with so much knowledge!! I highly recommend this experience!

 Margaret_M , Dec 2021

Two Thumbs, Way UP!!! The tour guide, Judith, was very interesting and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about the areas we visited. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Quebec City and we won't forget it.

Amy_L , Aug 2021

Judith, our tour guide, was a wealth of knowledge and hospitality. This tour is a must for those who celebrate culture, food and history.

Pat and Jim, 2019 Florida

Jim and I enjoyed your tour very much. We  give you an exceptional rating because you deserved it and we learned a lot from you with respect to Quebec City.

D.ona S ,June 2018

Hello Judith, 
You gave a wonderful personal tour of Quebec City to my friend, Annie, and me last week. I just wanted to thank you so very have such a wealth of knowledge and just brought the city and its history to life for us! Our time with you was one of the highlights of our visit there. It was a delight getting to know you ever so slightly in our brief time together. I will certainly tell friends about your excellent tour… Take good care and God bless you.


T.O Reader April 2017


Judith was a knowledgeable, articulate guide for the Quebec City walking tour. We had the misfortune to have picked a windy, cold day last week, with only brief flashes of sunshine, but that didn't slow us down, or Judith's enthusiasm for her subject. Despite being chilled at times, the two hours went quickly and my friend and I were so happy to have gone on this tour and learned so much about Quebec City history and its impact on the history of North America. I highly recommend both this tour and Judith, who would make a fabulous city guide if you wanted a private tour. Maybe next time we'll do that. 

Peg C. Sept 2017 Pensylvania

Excellent tour with Judith! She had a great sense of humor and was so knowledgeable! The pace was good as well. Would use this tour company again if I visit Quebec. Prices were very reasonable.”

John W. United Kingdom, Sept 2017

Prior to our walking tour with Judith our view of Quebec City was to say the least a little on the disappointed side..We were given a comprehensive tour of the city and the historical information given was really interesting. Judith was not only a great guide but a fun person as well which added to the enjoyment.

Ann M June 2016

We took a walking tour of Old Quebec on Sunday, June 19, 2016, and our guide, Judith, was wonderful. She was knowledgeable, personable, fun to listen to and full of information and first-hand experience of the city. I have been on city tours on many trips in many countries, and this was among the best. I taught history for many years and she did an excellent job of summarizing a complex history and making it accessible for us. And, I was an Ursuline for many years and she also did an excellent presentation about the influence of the Ursulines on the history and development of Quebec.

Several of us on the tour commented at the end about what a good guide she was.

We have been recommending your tours to our friends, some of whom are planning trips to Quebec in the near future..

K.and F september 2016

 We had such a great day, and your leading the tour to the falls was a big part of it.  We can't say enough about how everything was looked after on the tour from the bikes to the snack to the fun and knowledgeable tour guide!  As you know, I was surprised by Fred's proposal on the falls bridge,it was definitely a magical moment, and what a great group to share it with!  This was our first full day in Quebec City and really set the tone for what was an exceptional 5 days - you are a great ambassador for the City.   We look forward to returning to Quebec City soon.

Cheers :)  

Alan N.Y August 2015

We went on a Quebec City tour with Judith. It was so amazing that we followed it with a tour (by Judith, of course) of the Plains of Abraham.
She is the best guide that we have ever had. Her knowledge encompasses history, architecture, politics, religion and military strategy. Her explanations are refreshingly spontaneous and deeply analytical.There could be no better way to learn about the history and features of this charming city than to meet Judith.

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