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Orleans Island

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Local products, maritime history and picturesque villages

From  $460.CAD

Duration: 4h +

Also known as the breadbasket of Quebec City,  an excursion in such a landmark is a must for any serious visitor. Especially those looking for breathtaking views, maritime history and a long tradition of farming and signature products.

The excursion highlight the history of the Island and the first settlers, their challenges to master climatic conditions and difficult navigation on the mighty St. Lawrence River.   Along with agricultural tradition, the Island bears an impressive maritime history, as it played a strategic role in protecting the colony and the country.

In addition to an immersion in the bucolic setting of the Island, the 4 hours excursion includes:

- Your private guide and personalized activities

- Transportation by vehicle (up to 4 people), Possible to use your own vehicle.

- A choice of local product sampling: wine, cider, cheese, black currant

- A short walk at the west tip of the Island, for the best view of Quebec City Cap Diamond and the Baie de Beauport

- Drive across farmland and picturesque villages

- A 45 minutes stop at the Montmorency Falls 

-Pick up and return at your hotel in Quebec City.

With a 5 hours excursion, we can include the eastern part of the Island with additional activities like:

 A walk on the river bank at the eastern tip of the island and/or a stop at the Observation Tower for a breathtaking view of Cap Tourmente and the panorama around.  Both options offer a wide open view of the St. Lawrence estuary, where salt and fresh waters mix, a unique view point to appreciate the geological formation of the Laurentian Mountains, the island on the mighty St Lawrence River and the Appalachian Mountains at a distance.


Upon booking, you can choose various tastings, select activities along with important details like transportation, number of participants, time and place of departure and duration.

Cost will vary accordingly.


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