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About us

What we do

At Quebec History and Nature, we specialize in providing  private tours services for active visitors wishing to experience more than traditional walking tours.


We welcome nature enthusiasts to a new experience of history, exploring the role and impact of nature in our history and culture. With a different perspective on history,  we highlight the elements of nature, climate and geography that significantly affected the life and destiny of the explorers, First Nations and settlers, illustrating how those conditions  led to the making of who we are today.

If you enjoy learning about history and want to discovering more about the critical role of nature in past and present history, you are at the right place. 


We walk, hike or bike in historical urban and rural landscape.

Our mission

Quebec History and Nature seeks to inspire changes by illustrating the impact of nature in people’s history and culture. We think that a better understanding of the interconnectedness of nature, history and people will procure valuable insight into who we are while generate more respect and appreciation of life in today's world.


We foster these changes, raising awareness  through a different experience of history.

Who we are

Active in the Quebec tourism sector since 2013,  we create customized visits for active travellers and nature enthusiasts.

Quebec History and Nature founder, capitalizes on many years of professional and personal experiences in outdoor activities in Canada and around the world.

We look forward to sharing the history embedded in Quebec's nature and landscape with kindred spirit visitors,  as we discover together the unique beauties of Quebec. 

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