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Special Tours and Programs created by Québec History and Nature. 

If you enjoy learning about the history of the territory you are visiting, meet local people and willing to expand your horizon while promoting a different tourism: you might be interested by one of these Tours.

We can also assist in finding accommodations owned and managed by locals.

Ces tours sont aussi offerts en Français

Off the Beaten Path

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Jacques Cartier 1541

First Colony- Charlesbourg Royal

Duration: 2 hours
$45.CAD /pax

2-6 people

French's first attempt to establish a colony in North America.

Founded by Jacques Cartier in 1541, Charlesbourg Royal was designated a national historic site of Canada in 1923 .

At the confluence of the St. Lawrence river and Rivière du Cap-Rouge, Jacques Cartier on his third voyage, chose the 40m promontoire to establish a fort and built another one at the basis to protect the ships anchor at the mouth of the rivière Cap-Rouge.  The Tour offers various possibilities depending of your interest and walking capacity.

We suggest a walk on the St.Lawrence river bank, using the Sentier de la plage Jacques Cartier combined with a stroll  in the village.

Exploring Cap-Rouge village, the heritage houses remind us about the early socio economic activities,  ancien clay factory, shipyard, lumber industry and the work of Leon Provencher, considered the father of natural history in Canada..

The Tour includes part of the trail along the Rivière du Cap Rouge to discover its particular ecosystem and learn about the legacy of a famous naturalist.


Flexible according to point of departure, walking distance and pace.

Plan for about two hours.

The Tour is available on demand. (48 hours notice), all seasons.

King's Road
First National Road of Canada


Duration: from 3-4 hours.

$ 75.CAD/pax

 2-6 people

Bring your bicycle for a ride in history . 

Take a ride on the first national road of Canada, known as  le Chemin du Roy, (King's road)


For easy biking in rural setting, away from the city buzz, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and learn about history.  We ride on paved road with low traffic across farm lands along the St Lawrence.


Tour available on demand from May to October.

(72 hours notice)


Military Heritage Quebec 'Je me souviens' Citadelle

Quebec'City Military Heritage

Duration: from 3h- 3.5h

from $90 CAD/pax

2-6 people

From the early days of the French colony to the founding of modern Canada, explore the various  natural and man-made defence mechanism and structures of Quebec City. Learn about the role of natural elements such as Cap Diamond and the St Lawrence River into the protection and defence strategy and discover the impact of a strong military presence in Quebec City up to the XIX century.

For history buff and those eager to understand the valuable heritage of the city's old defensive work.  

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